Care 360° – Solutions for Sustainable Life

We as the Care Chemicals division of BASF carry the passion to care in our DNA: we care for our customers, consumers, employees, society and our planet. This is what sets us apart and motivates us.

Care 360° – Solutions for Sustainable Life is our global, cross-business and holistic approach to cover all topics relevant to the future of our markets and industries: sustainability, digitalization, innovation and new approaches to working together.

Think of it as a canvas where we can sketch the future and collaboratively find solutions for sustainable life.

Care 360° lays the foundation for us to evolve our relationship with you – and create value together.

Why do we care?

Across BASF, we share a passion for excellence in chemical engineering and innovation in the service of our customers, society and our planet. Our expertise and the power of our Verbund integration place us in a uniquely strong position to make a decisive contribution to changing the world for the better. We are committed to achieve this goal, as summed up in our corporate statement, “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”

As a globally leading supplier to the industries of personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications, BASF’s Care Chemicals division is by nature aligned with this mission. We not only create ingredients and solutions, we also care for the needs of our customers, society and the environment.

Our dedication and passion to care in all dimensions is a challenge and an opportunity: each and every one of us at Care Chemicals is called upon to advance our role as the first-in-mind partner for using our knowledge to deliver high-performance sustainable solutions. Whether renewable feedstocks, sustainable supply chains or products with lower product carbon footprint products, we have the expertise, resources and passion to help transform the industries we serve. This means taking a proactive approach to the marketplace, not only meeting existing needs, but also providing solutions for a sustainable future.

What’s in it for YOU?

We want to make a difference

Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability topics. And the markets we serve across the Care Chemicals division are particularly sensitive to public scrutiny, especially given the increase in transparency that digitalization is bringing: whether the environmental impact of detergents, naturalness of cosmetics or overall CO2 footprint, manufacturers using our products need to meet high standards. We can help you turn this challenge into an opportunity through our expertise, knowledge and levering digital solutions.

We offer sustainable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenge

From nature-sourced, renewable actives for personal care products to plant-based surfactants for cleaning products, our sustainable solutions answer the demands of today’s consumers and industrial users. Equally importantly, we can back our sustainability promise with transparent and verifiable facts. It is our collective responsibility to raise internal and external awareness of our sustainability credentials and how they benefit our customers, our company and society.

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Creating a new customer experience is key to making a difference

Power in innovation and application knowledge is what BASF is known for. In the past, we have successfully proven our broad capabilities and deep expertise. This made us a leader in our markets. Care 360° builds on this foundation. With our digital services we are there for our customers 24/7, enhancing daily interaction with existing customers and offering new opportunities for potential customer. And by conjoining personal relations with digital interactions, we as Care Chemicals will deliver a seamless experience that is enriching the transition to Solutions for Sustainable Life.

From discovering and exploring solutions, to sampling and buying our products, Care 360° - Solutions for Sustainable Life will create a number of advantages such as more convenience, improved ease-of-doing business, and faster go-to-market through our cutting-edge digital services.

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