Follow us on our path to sustainability

From cosmetics and personal hygiene to household, industrial and institutional cleaning and industrial formulations – BASF’s Care Chemicals division supports manufacturers of products that make life easier, safer and more sustainable.

As a globally leading supplier of solutions that deliver exceptional value in sectors like personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications, we enable our customers to fulfill the needs and wishes of today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyles. Whether consumer-goods product developers or industrial formulators, experts rely on our solutions and know-how to create high-quality solutions that people trust for sun protection, hair- and skincare, oral hygiene, dishwashing, laundry, hard surface cleaning, or industrial formulations for the construction, coatings, or agricultural industries to name only few applications.

As diverse as these products are, they all share one aspect: they can be found at the center of life, enabling people’s day-to-day routines at home, on the go and in commercial settings. With our ingredients, technologies and expertise, companies meet new consumer and industrial demands while enhancing their sustainability, performance and effectiveness.

Sustainable solutions

At BASF, we have developed an array of processes, tools and systems that enable us to realistically and transparently show the sustainability contribution of our products. These include TripleS (Sustainable Solution Steering), a method reviewed by independent external auditors.

Responsible sourcing

We care about sustainable supply chains. Real sustainability begins at the source and carries through along the entire value chain.


We care about shifting from fossil to renewable resources. The transition to renewable feedstocks and eco-friendly processes is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy.

Carbon footprint

We care about reducing our carbon footprint. Our sustainability strategy concentrates on reducing the carbon footprint of our products throughout their respective lifecycles.


At BASF, we are firmly convinced that chemical engineering holds one of the main keys to enabling industries to transition to ecologically compatible solutions.

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