We care about innovation to protect the environment

At BASF, we are firmly convinced that chemical engineering holds one of the main keys to enabling industries to transition to ecologically compatible solutions. What is also clear to us is that this will not happen by itself: we and the industries we serve must continue to invest our energies and resources in innovation for a sustainable future. This is why we have made the development of processes and products with minimal environmental impact a top priority in all our innovation efforts.

Our pioneering alkyl polyglucosides (APGs), developed in the mid-1990s, are just one example of the sustainable success stories that characterize BASF. Made from renewable feedstocks such as vegetable oil and starch, APGs have an excellent ecological and toxicological profile, and are classified as non-harmful to the environment and as substances with a high margin of safety even under daily use conditions.

From BASF’s biomass balance approach and our ChemCycling™ project as part of our Circular Economy efforts to our initiatives to foster, support and promote sustainable sourcing, innovation to protect the environment is embedded in our processes.

Innovative enzymes

Enzymes are innovation drivers for the new generation of environmentally compatible detergents and other products. Produced by living organisms, enzymes are by nature biodegradable. They serve as biopolymers and biocatalysts and can be used to improve industrial processes and final consumer products such as laundry detergents.

To leverage the great potential of nature-based enzymes, BASF has developed the innovative Lavergy® productline of Home Care and I&I enzymes produced via fermentation.

The ingredients not only meet ecolabel criteria, but also enable attractive performance benefits for detergents. These include excellent cleaning and anti-graying performance, preservative-free finished products and energy savings thanks to lower washing temperatures.

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1-0 against stains - BASF solutions get laundry clean at low temperatures

Answering rapidly growing consumer demand for sustainable ingredients in personal care, Cetiol SoftFeel is the most recent addition to our Cetiol product family, a broad range of emollients for various personal care applications. Based on 100% renewable ingredients, Cetiol SoftFeel enables eco-friendly and waterless formulations. The natural, soft-solid emollient offers an effective alternative to cosmetic-grade petrolatum based on renewable ingredients, rather than petroleum.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, you profit from BASF's exceptional detergent chemistry expertise in developing your formulation. For example, you can leverage synergies with other ingredients that set your detergent clearly apart from competitors' products. To see for yourself how the synergetic combination of Lavergy® Pro with our Sokalan® HP 20 polymer dramatically boosts cleansing, view this video.

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