Our sustainable solutions

At BASF, we have developed an array of processes, tools and systems that enable us to realistically and transparently show the sustainability contribution of our products. These include TripleS (Sustainable Solution Steering), a method reviewed by independent external auditors.

In 2022, we updated this method in order to further steer our product portfolio to transformation topics such as climate change and energy, resource efficiency and circular economy to meet the growing sustainability demands in our markets with innovative solutions.
In 2023 we began to reassess the products in the relevant portfolio with regard to their applications and regional aspects. As a result, we categorize our product portfolio into five segments, taking sustainability-related aspects into account: Pioneer, Contributor, Standard, Monitored and Challenged. The reassessment will be completed in 2024.

The new KPI sales of Sustainable-Future Solutions summarizes the total sales of Pioneer and Contributor products. Products allocated to these segments make a positive sustainability contribution in the value chain. By 2030, more than 50% of BASF’s sales relevant to TripleS are to be attributable to Sustainable-Future Solutions (2023: 41.4%).

For further details on the method see TripleS (basf.com)

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