Our Accelerator products

At BASF, we have developed an array of tools and systems that enable us to realistically and transparently show the sustainability contribution of our products. These include Sustainable Solution Steering, a sophisticated digital tool created with the help of independent external auditors.

Based on our Sustainable Solution Steering tool, BASF is able to classify products into four categories: Accelerator, Performer, Transitioner, Challenged. To qualify as Accelerator products, solutions need to have a positive net impact on the environment. This class of products currently represents more than 30% of BASF's portfolio. In 2020, Accelerator solutions accounted for €16.7 billion in sales. In line with the BASF corporate statement, "We create chemistry for a sustainable future," we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of increasing sales of Accelerator solutions to €22 billion by 2025. 

Performer products are solutions with sustainability benefits that, however, fall somewhat short of the stringent requirements of Accelerator products. Transitioner solutions are in the process of becoming more sustainable, while those products classified as "Challenged" due to sustainability concerns will be phased out within five years. In addition, the Care Creations Website features the Sustainable Product Finder, a special tool that enables customers to set specific filters to find solutions according to sustainability factors.