Our sustainable solutions

At BASF, we have developed an array of processes, tools and systems that enable us to realistically and transparently show the sustainability contribution of our products. These include TripleS (Sustainable Solution Steering), a method reviewed by independent external auditors.

In 2021, BASF generated sales of €24.1 billion with Accelerator products (2020: €16.7 billion) – already reaching our target for 2025. In future, we want to align our product portfolio even more strongly with climate protection, carbon neutrality and circularity in order to meet the growing sustainability demands in our markets with innovative solutions. Consequently, we are updating our product portfolio steering methodology and our target over the course of 2022/2023. BASF is currently re-evaluating all its 45,000 products on this basis. The aim is to have re-evaluated as many products as possible by the end of the year and thus be able to derive a new KPI.

The updated process leads to a differentiation of our product portfolio into five sustainability segments: Pioneer, Contributor, Standard, Monitored, Challenged. These five TripleS segments cover the full range of sustainability performance, from solutions with a substantial sustainability contribution, to solutions performing on market standard, to solutions with a significant sustainability concern. BASF will, as in the past, remove products with a significant deficit from the market after five years at the latest.

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