Formulating a Four-In-One Cleaner


September 27, 2022

- Key learnings from developing a versatile, multi-use, compact format cleaner for the Institutional market.Multi-use formulas help to reduce the expenses that come with multiple SKUs and dispensing materials. BASF’s Dehypound® Advanced is a blend of nonionic surfactants that delivers optimal performance for several cleaning applications with neither builder nor solvents. Just one percent of active Dehypound Advanced performs better than fully formulated commercial household surface cleaners currently sold in the U.S. I&I and household cleaning markets. Additionally, the product has low controlled foam.The base formula (35113-33-1) incorporates Dehypound Advanced and can be diluted to recommended levels to create high-performing cleaners for four distinct applications: all-purpose, floor, glass, and spot cleaner.


The all-purpose cleaner built upon the Dehypound Advanced base formulation outperformed the leading brands at both a dilution level of 1:8 and 1:16 as measured by test method “particulate and oily soil/vinyl tiles” in ASTM D4488-A6.

Floor Cleaner

The Dehypond Advanced-based floor cleaner removed two times as much of the oily soils as the leading brand at a 1:2 dilution.

Glass Cleaner

The light-duty glass cleaner formulated with Dehypound Advanced produced the least amount of spotting and filming, as visually rated by an expert panel. The Dehypound Advanced-based glass cleaner did not leave any spots and the film was barely perceptible.

Spot Cleaner

To test the performance of the Dehypound Advanced spot cleaner, we soiled carpets with stains consisting of coffee, tea, mud, and vegetable oil. Next, we measured the change in color of these stains after they were treated with Dehypound Advanced Spot Cleaner. Our BASF formula, at a 1:6 dilution, performed better than the leading brand of spot cleaner on each stain type tested.

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