Viscosity is Vital: Rheovis® CDE Pro as a solution for rheology modification and stabilization


November 18, 2021

When it comes to liquid formulations like fabric softeners and toilet bowl cleaners, efficacy is critical. No one wants a product that doesn’t do the job. And yet, beyond efficacy, there are two more factors that are often overlooked: appearance and experience.

What does the product look like? And what is the experience of using it?

Customers repurchase products that make household chores feel like less of a burden. Products that splash too much, take too long to flow, or don’t look “clean” are not going to be repurchased – nor are products that are the ideal viscosity upon first pour but deteriorate in quality by the final use. (The recency effect means when they go to purchase again, they’ll remember the appearance and experience at the end of the container – not when they first open edit.)

The solution: rheology modifiers and stabilizers that boost performance and ensure the optimal thickness, viscosity and flow in products like fabric softeners, toilet and bathroom cleaners, and laundry sanitizers. Thin liquid products are not only harder to use and splash more (a hassle and potentially a hazard) but are perceived as lower quality by consumers. Consumer think of them being “watered down” - which implies inferiority – even if the same efficacy is present.

Rheovis® CDE Pro from BASF sets the standard for rheology modification and stabilization. It’s an aqueous polymer dispersion based on modified polyacrylate. It performs best as a thickener in acidic formulations of pH 2-7,most commonly in the categories listed above.

Viscosity isn’t the only factor that delivers a perception of elevated quality for consumers. Rheovis CDE Pro also offers opacifying properties that lend products a desirable creamy appearance. This is particularly critical in fabric softeners, where a perception of harshness is antithetical to the product’s objective and can disappoint consumers.

Better for life

Of course, look and feel isn’t everything. Consumers are increasingly concerned with balancing efficacy and sustainability, and they aren’t willing to sacrifice. Rheovis CDE is dispersed in a biodegradable ester phase – a benefit that other polymer-based thickeners do not have.

This unique advantage is part of BASF’s unparalleled commitment to sustainability in a portfolio that’s already known for superior performance.

Better for formulators

Rheovis CDE is offered in a liquid form so it’s simple to incorporate it into formulations, without the need to be processed with heat. It’s an ideal thickener for continuous production processes, and it delivers consistent formulations without stringiness in acidic cleaners.

Lastly, Rheovis CDE is developed to be compatible with common raw materials used in home and fabric care products, including nonionic surfactants, solvents, and acids. Add in the efficacy in a wide range of pH levels, and Rheovis CDE is a smart, all-in-one solution.

What you need to know

Here are some of the essential elements of Rheovis CDE:

Product Properties

Appearance - Milky Thickener

Rheological Behavior - Shear Thinning

Electrolyte Stability - Low tolerance for salts

pH - < 5

Chemistry - Cationic acrylic polymer dispersion & Non associative thickener

Concentration (dry content) - 50%

Viscosity, Brookfield RVT @23 C ~ 150 mPa.s


Let’s recap, shall we?

Rheovis CDE Pro is a liquid polymer dispersion based on modified polyacrylate.

 It offers the following benefits:

  • An ideal thickener for continuous production processes
  • Delivers consistent formulations without stringiness in acidic cleaners
  • Efficient in a wide range of pH levels
  • Compatible with nonionic surfactants, solvents, and acids
  • Viscosity for optimized appearance
  • Opacifying properties for a creamy appearance
  • Dispersed in a biodegradable ester phase – ideal for sustainability claims

The Rheovis line of products includes solutions for home laundry, commercial laundry, hard surface cleaning, food and beverage processing, dishwashing, institutional cleaning and sanitation, kitchen hygiene, and more.

Take action

Looking to boost performance with Rheovis CDE? Check out a full product profile at[LINK] and explore other options in our robust portfolio, including Rheovis AT120, Rheovis CSP, Rheovis FRC, and Rheovis TTC.

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