Surface modification and its role in cleaning efficiency


November 18, 2021

Surface modification and its role in cleaning efficiency - A review of polymers used for surface modification and their purpose and performance in improving cleaning efficiency.Adding a performance surface modification polymer can reduce the time and effort required to keep a surface clean and help maintain that clean look longer. Polyquart® polymers are water soluble polymers that are compatible with all types of surfactants. As shown, adding Polyquart to a formula reduces streaks and increases gloss retention on glass, stainless steel, and ceramic tile. Polyquart works by creating an invisible film on the surface that allows for spotless drying and protection from re-soiling.

Adding the Polyquart polymer to a surface increases the ease of cleaning over time. The images shown compare a pre-treated cleaned surface to one with no pre-treatment; soil, like soap scum, is more easily and thoroughly removed after pre-treatment with Polyquart.

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