BASF’s Lavergy® Portfolio Raises the Bar for Performance, Stability, and Cold Water-Friendly Stain Removal


May 22, 2021

The Lavergy® enzyme is available in multiple formulations,  including anti-graying and Boron-free

The Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly recommended washing clothes in cold water whenever possible. Why? It’s estimated that about 90% of the energy used by a washing machine goes to heating up the water. Consumers have heeded the call; there’s a significant trend toward washing laundry in cold water, and cold-water washing is being heralded as “the future of laundry.” Despite the increased demand for detergents designed to deliver high performance in colder water temperatures, there remains a lagging skepticism about the ability of cold water washing to really get clothes clean. That skepticism is there for good reason: for a long time, laundry detergent ingredients were not designed to deliver results in low temperatures.That has all changed. Thanks to a revolution in the formulation of detergents, led by BASF’s enzyme powered Lavergy® line, tough laundry stains are in for a cold fight.And cold-water performance is just the beginning. The Lavergy line includes a suite of sustainable features ranging from non-boron stabilized to powerful anti-graying. What’s the big deal about enzymes? Enzymes are protein molecules that can speed up chemical reactions. Enzymes have an enormous variety of functions in the biological world: they degrade sugars and they synthesize fats and amino acids. Enzymes are a critical part of the evolution on our earth.Enzymes are also incredibly useful in detergents, where they can break down organic molecules of soils that produce certain tough stains on fabrics, thus eliminating those stains. Also, modern science has relied on them to facilitate some chemical processes, such as the production of medicines and food. Introducing Four Powerhouses in the Lavergy Portfolio Optimizing enzyme’s ability to break down stains in synergy with formulation chemistry is a breakthrough in detergent technology. BASF is leading the way with a unique capability to combine the best of surfactants, polymers chemistry and enzymes for a sustainable and high-performing solution.In enzyme technology, BASF has made a significant advancement with the development of four products: Lavergy Pro 106 L, Lavergy Pro 106 LS, Lavergy Pro 114 LS and Lavergy C Bright 100L. These newer enzyme products expand an already robust Lavergy enzymes portfolio and are poised to make a substantial impact in the laundry detergent category. These products combine the best of both worlds (chemistry and enzymes) for sustainable, high-performing solutions that meet and exceed market requirements.

Lavergy Pro 106 L and Lavergy Pro 106 LS: High wash performance, low temperatures

The Lavergy line is designed to enhance formulators’ capabilities in delivering innovative, eco-friendly detergent formulations. The addition of Lavergy Pro 106 L/LS is specifically aimed at addressing an increasing demand for highly effective stain removal at lower temperatures. Tough stains have long been assumed to require hot water washing. Even then, multiple washes are often required, and the results still may prove disappointing. Lingering stains, damaged fabrics from high heat and over-washing, plus excessive energy use and higher energy costs all add up to frustrated customers. By facilitating better stain removal at lower temperatures, Lavergy Pro 106 L/LS aligns with BASF’s signature blend of sustainability and performance. Better stain removal means reduced need to re-wash clothes, thus conserving resources; And being able to remove stains at lower temperatures means saving even more resources.How does it work? BASF liquid protease Lavergy® Pro 106 L has a higher plateau of performance over the dose-response curve compared to the leading market-relevant proteases. It’s worth noting that Lavergy Pro 106 L/LS is also highly capable of stain removal at cool and warm temperatures, outperforming comparable products across a wide temperature spectrum. However, its exceptional performance at low temperature is what truly sets Lavergy Pro 106 L/LS apart. Serious stain-fighting power – and high stability In addition to improved stain-fighting capabilities with the Lavergy Pro 106 L, Lavergy Pro 106 LS also offers a higher degree of stability. This enhanced stability is designed to increase end-user satisfaction even if they stock up and a product sits in the storage room for an extended period. Found in nature, optimized in the lab Certain stains are notorious for extreme stubbornness, including blood, egg, grass and milk. Lavergy Pro 106 specifically targets these types of stains, delivering optimal performance that is tough against stains while being soft on clothes and environment. The Lavergy protease does not add any preservatives/Isothiazolinones. This enables formulators to lower overall Isothiazolinones content. In addition, as enzyme, Lavergy Pro 106 L and LS are inherently biodegradable.

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Lavergy Pro 114 LS: No Boron. No Problem.

Like Lavergy Pro 106 L and Lavergy Pro 106 LS, Lavergy Pro 114 LS packs high-powered performance at low temperatures for greater satisfaction and sustainability.In addition, Lavergy Pro 114 LS offers an efficient stabilization technology without the use of Boron. Lavergy Pro 114 LS demonstrates high secondary enzyme stability in comparison with other proteases at both 30o C and 37o C.Lavergy Pro 114 LS also shows very good wash performance and stain removal even at 15o C. In fact, Lavergy Pro 114 LS is on the same high level as a boron-stabilized protease.If you’re looking for superior performance, stain removal and stability without boron, Lavergy 114 LS cleans up the competition.

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Lavergy C Bright 100 L:  A bright solution for a brighter future.

Lavergy C Bright 100 L delivers exceptional anti-graying performance, confirmed by an external test institute. It is particularly suited to formulations in the pH range of 6 to 9.Extending the life of textiles is a significant hurdle in the push for sustainability. Lavergy C Bright 100 L meets the criteria for various ecolabeling systems, including the EU Ecolabel. Its performance is undeniable, leaving clothes looking like new even after multiple washes. Lavergy C Bright 100 L elicits results for both white and colored clothing, and with both cotton and synthetic fibers.This cellulase, in combination with specific polymers from the BASF Home Care and I&I portfolio, harnesses the exponential power of differentiated technologies for a sustainable, high-performance solution. With this anti-graying solution you will brighten up your day, by wearing much brighter fabrics, you can conveniently clean in the same wash regardless of cotton or synthetic.

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Ready for action With convenience, stability, power and sustainability built right in, the entire Lavergy portfolio represents a significant leap forward in formulation technology. For more information on Lavergy Pro 106 L, Lavergy Pro 106 LS, Lavergy Pro 114 LS and Lavergy C Bright 100 L, contact BASF today. We’d love to talk with you about how these exceptional enzymes can elevate your capabilities.

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