BVERDE® GP 790 L: Achieve Anti-Redeposition Performance Without Compromising Sustainability


April 09, 2024

Consumers Buckle Down in a World Racked with Inflation...

In a post-pandemic world, inflation is now the biggest factor influencing consumer purchasing habits. 2022 inflation in the North America was at an all-time high. The United States hit a staggering average rate of 7.7% for 2022. In July of that year, US inflation rose to 9.1% -- the biggest yearly increase seen since 1981. While the inflationary environment in the US has gradually equilibrated over time, consumer willingness to spend has still been significantly dampened. We can see this because 80% of Americans are trading down in an environment of heightened macroeconomic concerns.[1]


...But continue to purchase sustainable goods that align with their values

However, despite trade down behavior, US consumers continue to allocate their spending towards sustainable products. In fact, the US retail sales growth for products with environmental, social and governance (ESG)claims 6.4% -- 1.7% higher than those without.[2] And ESG claims help boost growth across all brand types. In fact, 88% of private label brands with ESG claims exhibited more growth than those without, and 50% of large brands experienced the same trend. Therefore, even though families are shopping more deliberately due to rising prices, they are still willing to spend on products that align with and promote their core values.


[1] University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index 2023
[2] NIQ and McKinsey Joint Study: Consumers care about sustainability—and back it up with their wallets


How can BASF equip formulators with ingredients to meet consumer needs?

As an ingredient supplier, our mission at BASF is clear: enable our customers with next generation, high-performing products with better sustainability profiles than ever. And while there are many products within the surfactants space that can offer excellent cleaning while being both biodegradable and biobased, such as our Lutensol® alcoholethoxylates and Glucopon® alkylpolyglucoside (APG) portfolios, there are fewer options in other ingredient categories – especially when it comes to polymers.

For example, let’s take a look at anti-redeposition polymers. These ingredients are used in laundry detergents. And while they do not remove soils directly, they help a surfactant keep soils from redepositing back onto clean fabric during a wash cycle. Acrylic polymers are the most commonly used anti-redeposition agent. While effective, these polymers are not readily biodegradable and are solely made from non-renewable feedstocks. Alternatively, a more sustainable option is carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). CMC is a biodegradable polymer that can also be biobased. However, its performance is poor and cannot compete against anti-redeposition achieved via acrylic polymers. Between these two options, formulators are once again faced with the age-old question:

How can I use more sustainable ingredients without compromising sustainability?



Sustainability doesn't have to come at the cost of poor performance

BASF is proud to announce our new product BVERDE GP 790 L: a novel anti-redeposition laundry polymer to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. BVERDE GP 790 L is readily biodegradable polymer and consists of 79% biobased content – offering a sustainability profile that rivals carboxymethyl cellulose. However, BVERDE GP 790 L strength lies in its performance. Testing shows that BVERDE offers equivalent anti-redeposition performance when compared against fully synthetic chemistries like acrylic polymers. The results are not only visually apparent but can be observed quantitatively as well. The clear performance parity demonstrates how BVERDE is an excellent example of how ingredients can deliver equivalent performance more sustainably.


Performance without compromising sustainability: a new age of innovation

Consumers have repeatedly shown that they are interested in cleaning products that are effective and sustainable. And while formulators have historically had to choose between these two criteria, BVERDE GP 790 L exemplifies that, with cutting-edge innovation delivered by the hands of world-class experts, performance and sustainability can both be achieved.


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